Wakhis’ Self-sufficiency in Healthy Food and the Deadly Modern Diet

There are still some Wakhi locals who are pretty self sufficient and spend limited disposable income on anything else. There’s no litter they produce, they help the whole valley remarkably free from the curse of plastic and other waste, which is such a common thing today because of our confusing lifestyles. We are so foolishly consuming the Chinese and Pakistani unhealthy food.
Those who still have the village flour mill, powered by water brings them their healthy grains and happily they produce their own food. Those who still have yaks in thier farms and do milking and prepare butter on the top of the world brings them health and happiness.
Traditional Floor Mill. Photo: Marion
There is dignity in hard work and happiness in self-sufficient sustainable lifestyle. Whenever, I see such people it reminds me of healthy grand parents who would live active healthy lives even crossing 100 years of age.
Unfortunately, this so-called educated and professional lifestyle have turned people into selfish fat ugly objetcs… We have forgotten our sustainable ways of living. It pains a lot when we hear people dying or having issues of heart-attacks, blood pressure, bone problems, sugar, obesity, etc.
All over the world, people are waking up to the importance of preserving their wise traditions for the health of future generations. This includes providing the highest nutrient-dense foods for pregnant and nursing mothers and their babies. The modern diet is a deadly alternative.
The best education is to revive our healthy and traditional lifestyle…

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