International Food in the International Volunteer Workcamp


MUHAMMAD ALI – 30.08.2016

So, finally we had done it. We are good volunteers as well as very good chefs. Never in my life I had enjoyed such good food from around the world. We had left home, struck out on our own in Scheinfeld but well done, we have become not only good volunteers but good chefs.

We learned to cook for ourselves for it is not only healthier than a diet of take-aways and ready meals, it is easier on the overdraft too. Getting stuck in the large kitchen of the Scheinfeld school where we cooked, it was a fantastic means of socializing with fellow volunteers from Czech, Japan, Russia, France, Serbia, Italy, Pakistan and Germany.

And, of course, knowing we are eating properly gave me and Annika (as camp leaders) one less thing to worry about because we found them really energetic and active team. And most of all, it was fun. Trust us: there’s nothing like a bit of volunteer cooking for finally shaking that hours-long work hangover…

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