Here Are The Top 10 Countries Wakhi People Live In

Being one of the few Wakhis (less than 10) living in Germany, I am very much aware of the discussion on immigration focused on people entering Germany, therefore I am also interested to know where Wakhi people choose to live the most. Ethnic Wakhi-speakers have a total population of about 50,000–58,000 (“Iranian languages”. Encyclopædia Britannica….

The 25 Heartbreakers | 25 Years of Al Amyn Model School

I broke Ms. Naysayer’s heart. Ms. Naysayer once told me that I am good for nothing but I broke her heart into several pieces by doing something. “I’m sorry, I broke your heart”. Did you also have Mr./Ms. Naysayer in your lives? Were you also told that you can’t achieve anything in your life? Did…

Jawohl! The Black Forest Experience

We as international volunteers from IBG e.V. aged between 19 and 35 coming from Poland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Canada, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Germany and Pakistan helped the community in Grafenhausen, a small village in the Black Forest region of Germany with the implementation of the follwing projects;

Wakhi Language – How can we save this endangered language?

’Chiz holi?’’, asked Marie, a German student in Munich. ‘‘Bafam, shobosh’’, I replied. ‘’Chiz holi’’ is a Wakhi way of saying ‘how are you’ and ‘Bafam, shobosh’ is the reply to it, meaning ‘good, thanks’. That was so interesting when I met students learning my language, Wakhi, taught by a German linguist, Dr. Beate Reinhold….

Is Pakistan a religious tolerant country?

Is Pakistan a religious tolerant country? Here in Germany, I meet Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Jewish and atheist friends. Sometimes, they ask me if I knew any Christians, Hindus, etc. in Pakistan or if Pakistan is a tolerant and safe country. I find such questions funny because such questions represent ignorance. I take you to…

Wakhis’ Self-sufficiency in Healthy Food and the Deadly Modern Diet

There are still some Wakhi locals who are pretty self sufficient and spend limited disposable income on anything else. There’s no litter they produce, they help the whole valley remarkably free from the curse of plastic and other waste, which is such a common thing today because of our confusing lifestyles. We are so foolishly consuming…

Voluntary Work for Peacing the World Together

Voluntary work always wins. Always! The weather was beautiful too. Its unbelievable for Germany and yes we had really sunny days! The work was great! The weather was great! The mood was great! It’s true! It’s 100% true! Unbelievable! Click full screen to view the full post with animations.

The Wakhi Cuisine from Hunza Valley

Authors | Anita Aziz, Salman Hussain and Muhammad Ali. The Wakhi People live in the Hunza Valley, Broghil Valley and Ishkomen Valley of Pakistan, Wakhan Valley of Afghanistan, Badakhshan regions of Tajikistan and in the Xinjiang province in China. They enjoy vibrant good health and live happy lives. Moreover, Wakhi diet and lifestyle accords with the principles of longevity living…

Dobrou chuť! – Czech Cuisine

By: Michaela Kantová and Muhammad Ali We love spending volunteering time in international workcamps with friends from around the globe. The simplest things in life that give us the most pleasure: helping people around, cooking healthy international good meals, learning new languages and enjoying our friends. Here we present the Czech cuisine. Dobrou chuť!, the…